Promoter 101 # 6 - Louie Thomas & Nick Meinema. Plus Rich Sellars

promoter 101 # 6.jpg

This week on the promoter101 podcast our featured guests are Sonic Entertainment’s Louis Thomas (Manager of A Great Big Sea, The Trailer Park Boys, and Matt Anderson) and from the United Talent Agency's Nashville office Nick Meinema, sit down with Steiny and Luke in Nashville. Also, Emporium Presents Promoter Representative Rich Sellars drop by to talk about life on the road.


Promoter 101 Episode 5 Featuring DavE Hart

This Week on the Promoter 101 promoter, manager, agent Dave Hart, we are talk Marketing with Emporium Presents' Jerrod Woods and Aaron Reynolds. Plus Venue Managers: Staple Center Lee Zeidman, The Paramount Denver's Chris Goddard, Minneapolis's The First Avenue's Nate Kranz, The Mesa Arts Center's Randy Vogel out side of Phoenix, Rick Hansen from the Historic Theatre Group in Minneaspolis and Seattle's Triple Doors' Scott Giampino.